7 sure ways to rev up your metabolism

That friend of yours who eats like an elephant and is still thin… yes, that’s one of the reasons why your friend is thin… eating often enough is one sure way to rev up your metabolism. There are some normal habits which keep people in shape. With a little twist in the exercise regimen, certain food preferences that sift the healthy from unhealthy and little attention, you can cross over the fence to fitness too. Here is help from the experts…

Energy cycle

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is roughly the energy expenditure. The rate at which our body uses energy to carry on vital processes such as breathing, maintaining body heat, heart rate and internal organs functioning. Now, two people who share the same diet might not weigh the same way and here BMR plays a significant role. The entire weight loss industry pays attention to increasing this BMR to achieve drop in sizes.— Pallavi Jassal, Consultant: Diet, Nutrition & Natural Health

#Rule 1

One hour of exercise and rest 23 hours of inactivity? No wonder you aren’t reaching your weight goal. Fitness expert Anil Juneja suggests you to choose an active lifestyle. Yes, yes, we too have desk jobs but that doesn’t stop us from using the stairs, walking shorter distances or breaking the sacred ‘hour’ of exercise in shorter workouts.

“What’s really gaining popularity these days, especially in the IT sector in the US is standing while working,” shares Anil. Now that’s not so difficult, one can read files while standing next to the desk or have a conversation on feet with the likeminded. Not so difficult, right? Neither is taking the stairs!

#Rule 2

‘Our mornings are very busy’ translates to waking up at 6 and going hungry till 10. “Why not give the body machine something to start early in the morning,” asks dietician Megha. A fruit within half-an-hour of getting up starts the digestion process. Frequent meals keep it going. But, of course, you need to be conscious of what you are eating. It can’t be donut, followed by burger and pizza. A reasonable mix of carbohydrates and proteins with frequent serving of greens works the best.


#Rule 3

Vary your workout regime. The body gets used to a certain routine soon. So, what works is to keep altering the exercise schedule. Anil highly recommends HIIT (high intensity interval training).

“For example, walk for two minutes and sprint for 30 seconds, five rounds of this would kick up the metabolism system better than, say, 15 minutes of walking.”

Now there are also exercises that make sure that you are burning calories long after you are through your workout. These regimens increase lean muscles.

“Squatting and planks help you build muscles. More muscles than fat in the body means you are burning calories faster.”

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