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The wonderful thing about Frisbee is that there is no formal rules to the game…



The strong resemblance between the Greek sculpture, Discobolus, by Myron and the modern Frisbee suggests that discuss throwing has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. The Official Frisbee Handbook offers another theory: Elihu Frisbee, in 1827, an undergraduate at Yale, “rebelled against compulsory chapel and heaved the collection plate across the campus quad.” Another theory infers that the youngsters flinging pie tins among themselves gave the game its surname from the tins which came from the obsolete Frisbie Bakery of Bridgeport, Connecticut – USA.

Whatever story one wishes to believe, no one can dispute the existence of Fred Morrison of Los Angeles, who approached the Wham-O’s Manufacturing Company with the idea of converting the discus, the collection plates, and pie tins, into a plastic flying saucer. Wham-O’s Pluto Platter eventually evolved into the Frisbee. The craze swept the country: there are eight different models of Frisbee. 100 collegiate teams compete (Yale, Rutgers, Stanford, Princeton heading the list). Over 600 cities participate in Junior Frisbee Tournaments and an IFA (International Frisbee Association), with over 67,000 members, has been formed-in less than twenty-five years of its modern history.


Kids with frisbee
Kids with frisbee

The wonderful thing about Frisbee is that there is no formal rules to the game. It is a free-form sport left to the creativity of the players. Perhaps this explains the game’s popularity throughout the country, particularly among the young. There are basic games which are common-the catch between two or more people-and by adding a touch of structure -basketball, football, dodge ball, golf Saluggi etc. The purposes of Frisbee are limitless, be it shooting targets, meeting men or women at the park, gymnastic catches, or the thrill of watching the saucer soar through the air.

The IFA plans to coordinate the colleges into four regions as part of large national intramural sport. On the junior level, over 1,200,000 kids, fifteen years and under, participate in the national tournament across the country.

Frisbee is one of the few games to have a police record. it was reported that several college students in Gambier, Ohio, were arrested for playing Frisbee in the street during their spring session.

Conditions and Test Area:

Frisbee Test Area
Frisbee Test Area

A six-foot diameter circle should be drawn on the  ground. Measuring from the center of the circle, at 15 yards distance, a “foul line” is drawn on the ground. The candidate must deliver the flights from behind the “foul  line”.

The catcher is free to move anywhere within the six-foot diameter circle but is prohibited from stepping outside of it during the accuracy test. the candidate may elect to take any or all the proficiency test within the 30-minute maximum time period allowed in each 24-hour day.

Accuracy Requirements:

Each group of the following flights must be completed consecutively with no misses to the catcher, with the method of delivery the candidate’s choice. If the flight is properly executed, and the catcher fails, it will be judged to be a completed flight.

The candidate may schedule the following seven flight groups in any order he wishes.
Group I
Two Straight Flight
Group II
One Right-Curve Flight
Group III
One Left-Curve Flight
Group IV
One Hover or Floater Flight
Group V
One Skip Flight, to be executed on any hard surface.
Group VI
Distance Flight whereby the candidate must obtain an average distance, in four flights, two up-wind and two down-wind, of not less than 20 yards.

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