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Street Games Of India: Oonch Neech Ka Papada

Oonch Neech Ka Papada
Oonch Neech Ka Papada: Illustration by Amarjeet Malik

Hi! Friends I am back. Today I have a new game to introduce you, with ‘Oonch Neech Ka Papra‘. This is an outdoor game. You can play this in a pak where you will find footpath or jogging lane or some surface higher than the level of grass. The terms used are:

Oonch: This means a area higher than the ground level; Upper Level.
Neech: This means the ground area or the lower surface area; Lower Level.
Danner: The person who will catch the other members who are playing.

Lets play the game

The members required in this game can be 4 or more, out of which one will be the Danner. The playing members will ask the Danner: ‘Oonch neech ka papada — Oonch mangi – neech‘ means what you want the upper level or the lower level.

If the Danner asks for uunch, than all other players will stay on the neech and the Danner will remain on uunch. Now Danner will not let the other players cross or stand on his area i.e. uunch and if he asks for neech tha it is vice-versa. If you are caught by the Danner in his area than you will be out and it will be your turn to become Danner.

The game is simple and enjoyable if you don’t stick to ypur place and keep on moving frequently. It would be best if you make this rule of the game that no player will stick to his or her place for more than 1 minute. You can help your mates by diverting the mind of the Danner towards you by entering his area and teasing him with a song: ‘Hum tumhari neech pe or Hum tumhari Oonch pe, Pakado‘ means we are in your area catch us. Don’t take the risk if you are too close to the Danner. It is enjoying when more than one person tease the Danner and he runs in different directions to catch the running mates.

If the Danner is not able to catch anybody for long time you can give him the option of changing his area by agin asking him: ‘Oonch neech ka papada — Oonch mangi – neech‘. The Danner is free to change his area. The game goes on and the Danner keeps on changing. You can enjoy the game till its time for you to go home.

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