Feng Shui Office Interiors

Feng Shui Office Interiors — Office,or the work place, is very important, as it is the place which runs the household of a family. It is very necessary for the office to prosper. The well being at work place instills a sense of achievement in the individual and encourages him to move ahead in life. The basic Feng Shui tips for office interiors remain the same as for other places. Primarily, the office should be devoid of any clutter. This helps in bringing more opportunities and order in the office. Add symbols, idols or icons of Buddha, or any religious identity, to the office décor, to draw inspiration.

Apart from this, you can put Feng Shui accessories, like water fountains and chimes, to attract positive natural energy. The sound produced by these objects is calm and soothing and enhances concentration and focus in your work. Telephone is of great significance at the work place. It is the medium via which you make all your important conversations. To enhance your communication, place a red colored cloth under the telephone. This will bring positive opportunities on your way and will also add vibrancy to your office décor.

Place an index card with inspirational quote, which reminds you about being amiable during your conversations, besides your telephone. You can even put a small welcome mat outside the main entrance of the office to give a warm and welcome feeling to your visitors. There are a number of Feng Shui tips listed below, which will help you derive emotional satisfaction and professional growth from your career.

  • The work desk should not be in line with the main door, as the energy entering through the door needs to be distributed.
  • Reorganize your office and experiment by moving your furniture.
  • Stimulate active chi in your office with the help of fresh flowers and energizing aromas.
  • Decorate your office with lots of bright colors, which will stimulate your creativity.
  • Hang colorful paintings of landscapes, which will provide you respite from the tiring activities.
  • Express yourself through the décor of your office, so that you feel at ease and comfortable in the surroundings.

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