Feng Shui Office Desk

Feng Shui Office Desk — In an office, the desk is very important and holds the central position, as it is the place from where all the work is done. All the matters relating to important business decisions like mergers, acquisitions, different projects etc, are taken from the office desk only. Therefore, it is very necessary to allocate a favorable position to the desk. It will ensure that all your business and official activities go on smoothly. You can make use of the following Feng Shui tips for positioning your office desk.

Do not have your back towards the window while sitting on the desk, as they lack support. Rather, always have a wall behind you. It will serve as your support.

You should never position your office desk opposite the door. This is top ensure that you never have your back towards the door, as it makes you vulnerable and prone to attack.

Never place the desk right in front of the door as the energy entering will overwhelm you.

Hang an image or painting of an Earth element, such as a mountain, on the wall behind the desk. This will provide you strength and support.

Place the desk in such a way that it angles away from the door and faces some Water element, like a fountain, an image or a painting of a water body depicting waves or wavy lines.

You can enhance the flow of Chi in your office by strategically placing the five elements on your desk. This can be done with the help of Lo Shu grid. Consult the information given below to have an idea about the placement of objects.

  • North: Your cup of tea or coffee
  • Northeast: A crystal paperweight
  • Northwest: Your computer terminal
  • East: Fresh flowers
  • Southeast: A small green plant
  • South: A desk lamp or something red

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