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Feng Shui Office Site — While starting your own business the first and foremost requirement is that of an office. You can use Feng Shui tips to help you in determining the most favorable place for your office location. There are a number of considerations to be taken care of, while deciding the business site. First of all, carefully examine the landscape. Circular and horseshoe shaped land is considered very auspicious. Besides, a property at the foothills, with elevated land on either side or facing opening land, brings good luck and fortune.

A property located at the slope near the base accelerates the activities, while the one facing a summit faces obstructions and hurdles. Avoid a property which is extensively exposed to the natural elements such as wind, water etc. This will expose you to the extreme levels of Yang energy and Sha Chi. Thus, a property facing the large expanse of sea or fast flowing river is not good. Instead, the one at the banks of a small lake or at the bay or a meandering stream is quite favorable.

You should consult the Feng Shui compass to determine the favorable directions for your office. Roads and lanes also influence the land just as the river. An office near the highway or fast moving traffic is not considered harmonious. Rather it should be located in the vicinity of features like traffic lights, roundabouts and speed humps, which have a calming effect. However, the ideal location for a business office is a busy street, with slow and steady traffic. Apart from this, you should also be aware of any hostile structures that might be present in the proximity.

There should not be any imposing structure, building, monument or sculpture near to your office, as they will bring problems. Church spires and crosses pointing directly in your direction are considered most inauspicious. Try to have your office amongst the buildings with varied heights, rather than falling in line with the heights of the other structures. This is because varying heights will resemble a wavy line and will symbolize the water element, which is a source of good fortune. On the other hand, same heights produce the impression of a wall and hinder the prosperity.

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