The Good And Bad Of Holi

The Good And Bad Of Holi

Bright colors, lip-smacking food, foot-tapping music and syrupy gujiyas are some of the first things that pop up in the mind of television actors like Mrunal Jain, Tina Dutta and Jay Soni, who share their best and worst memories of Holi

Adaa Khan: My best was last year, when I went to Rajan (Shahi) sir’s home with close friends Ankit and Dimple. All of us had a blast doing rain dance and throwing colors on each other. My worst Holi was years ago. I was walking alone on the street when some hooligans started throwing balloons at me.

The Good And Bad Of Holi

Vahbiz Dorabjee: I have always had maximum fun at parties. And as far as bad memories are concerned, well, I once had bhaang at a Holi party. It is something I would advise everyone to stay away from.

Jay Soni: Holi was best celebrated during my childhood. Friends, family, neighbours…everyone would come together. I have no bad memories of it but I miss the old fun.

Mohammad Nazim: I am a Muslim but I play Holi for fun. In fact, my entire family celebrates it. My best Holi was 10 years ago, when I celebrated with my cousin in my home town. We even threw eggs on people; I have never had such fun. There are no bad memories.

Gunjan Utreja: Holi was huge fun during college days. We used to celebrate in huge groups and would apply colors on beautiful girls, even if they were strangers. There are no bad memories but I haven’t celebrated the festival for the past two to three years.

Mrunal Jain: Holi reminds me of good food, music, family and friends. In fact, it is your loved ones who make all celebrations memorable. I can’t recall anything bad about Holi.

Ridhi Dogra: Holi reminds me of my childhood in Delhi. The festival always fell between our final term exams. In a way, it was even more fun because it gave us a legitimate excuse to escape from studies. Holi means happiness, there are no bad memories.

Ripudaman Handa: My best Holi were celebrated at home, with my nephew. We would play with colors like crazy and gorge on home-cooked food.

Veebha Anand: My best was last year. I celebrated Holi with my family and the cast and crew of Mahabharat. We did rain dance for three to four hours. Later, I surprised my friend (Preeti Chaudhary) by going to her house and drenching her in colors. There are no unpleasant memories.

Tina Dutta: My best memory is very romantic. I spent the day with someone special, playing with colors and eating lot of sweets.

Rohit Roy: I celebrate with my friends at Shabana Ji and Javed saab (Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar) house every year. It is so much fun as it is a small intimate bunch. Of course I am totally in love with Shabanaji. Before this, we used to play with the Bachchan’s (Amitabh Bachchan) and the high point of the evening for all of us used to be dancing with Amitji on Rang Barse. All of us would imitate him while dancing with him.

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