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Personalized Gifts For Parents: “I’ll always remember, those were the best of times, I’ll cherish them forever, the best of times”. So go the lyrics to the song ‘The Best of Times’ by American progressive legends Dream Theater. The song was written by Mike Portnoy, the drummer of the band, as a tribute to his father who died of cancer. What’s more, the song with Mike Portnoy on vocals was actually played to his dying father at the hospital and even at his funeral. Really now, can there even be a greater version of a personalized gift such as this? Fortunately, you don’t need to go to such great extents to show your parents that you care for them. Instead, you can make a great statement of love just by giving your parents a personalized gift. However, never tread into uncharted territory when it comes to choosing gifts. Read on for three handy gift ideas on parent’s day personalized gifts!

Personalized Gifts For Parents

  • Tees For The Taking
    Can you even find a single person who is not overtly fond of a crisp, clean and attractive shirt? Well, you can’t, which only gives you a great idea for a personalized gift for your parents. The best way to put this gift together is by first buying a plain white tee; you can get this almost anywhere. Also make it a point to buy the right size. There really is no point in buying a T-shirt that’s a size smaller or a size larger. This will only destroy the purpose for which it was intended. In any case, once you have got the size of the tee figured out, you can go ahead buy a few fabric pens, any color you like will do just fine. Get creative now, paint a few designs onto the tee or write out a few meaningful lines. With this done, you should have a great looking tee to give away to a parent who is going to be more than delighted with the present.
  • Cakes And Bakes
    Think about it, does a gift always have to be about a material, like an item that should last for ages to come. Sometimes, something as simple as a cake or a fresh batch of cookies can help address the purpose of being a one-of-kind personalized gift. Imagine this – A tired parent returning home to the aroma of a freshly baked cake or cookies. Now, wouldn’t this make for a great gift idea? To further personalize this gift idea, all you need to do is garner details on the favorite cake of your parents or their favorite cookie flavor. With this done, you can go ahead and bake your parents their favorite cake or fresh batch of cookies you know they are going to love.
  • Of Goodies And Bags
    When it comes to gifts and surprises, the more the better, and this really is the truth. Let’s place yourself in the shoes of your parents – Would you like one surprise gift more or would you like a ten surprise gifts more? Pretty simple, you sure would like the ten surprise gifts a lot more than you would one; your parents are then no exception. The best way to give your parents a lot more of the better things in life is to bring it all together via a goodie bag. The goodie bag, however, shouldn’t contain a host of things brought from a store. It is best to achieve a balance by arriving at a perfect mix of store bought treats and handmade gifts. For example, an ideal goodie bag can contain a few commercial chocolates, flowers, a handmade card, a sized down version of a cake baked at home, a knitted sweater, etc. With a bag full of such goodies, well, your personalized gift is guaranteed to be nothing but a winner, a winner all the way.

There you go; ideas on personalized gifts to be given to your parents on parent’s day. These ideas don’t need to be just restricted to a parent’s day celebration, they can be given just about anytime and anywhere to your parents, who more than deserve such tokens of love.

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