Parents Day History For Students

Parents Day History For Students And Children

Parents Day History For Students: Parents day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July in many countries. It is a day meant to honor the parents for all the sacrifices they do throughout their lives to provide their children with the best of everything. Parent’s day gives children an opportunity to reunite with their parents and have a good time with them. It is that time of the year when children express their heartfelt feelings for their parents and thank them from the bottom of their hearts. Parent’s day certainly calls for celebration and children do their best to make their parents feel extra special on this day. Parties, picnics, and family outings are some of the best ideas to celebrate Parent’s day. Children can pamper their parents with lavish or homemade gifts, take them out for a dinner to their favorite restaurant, or just spend a good time together reminiscing fondly about the old and happy memories of childhood. Parent’s day came into existence after former American president Bill Clinton passed a bill on the same in 1994. It was supported by the entire congress and since then parents day has been celebrated in many countries all over the world. To know more about the history of this occasion, steer through the next section.

  • Parents Day History
    ‘Parents Day’ was officially established by former US president, Bill Clinton, in 1994. During his presidential term in the White House, Clinton felt that although fathers’ day and mothers’ day were in existence, he strongly felt the urge of having a specific day to commemorate the effort of both the parents together in raising a child. He signed a law that was unanimously agreed upon by the congress. The fourth Sunday of July was declared as ‘National Parents Day‘.
  • Significance Of Parents Day
    In today’s society, observing Parent’s day is not only meant to celebrate parenthood, but has a special significance as well. As we look around us, we can notice rapidly changing society where divorce takes place as frequently as weddings. In such a scenario where families are breaking down fast, celebrating Parent’s day put forward the importance of parents in society. It also upholds the idea that a child should be raised together by both the parents. The day also helps us understand the importance of parents in a family and in the society. According to the Congress resolution, Parents Day is celebrated to “recognize, uplift, and support the role of parents in the rearing of children.”
  • Parents Day Celebration
    Parent’s day is celebrated all over the world with great gusto. Children arrange for family outings, parties, and mollycoddle their parents with generous gifts. It gives all the children a perfect opportunity to thank their parents for giving them support, love, care, affection, and all the best things in life. It is also a time for children and parents to come together and revive their bonds.

Although the history of Parents day is not old, the day is celebrated all over the world with great zeal.

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