New Year Party Menu: Ideas For Delightful Menu

New Year Party Menu: Ideas For Delightful Menu

As food is central to every festivity, an exotic, heartfelt and delightful menu on the table is a must to double up your happiness on New Year. While some people prefer to celebrate the occasion with close family members, there are others who celebrate with champagne toasts and a whole gang of friends, yet others who prefer to have a huge family gathering to roll over at their place. Whatever is your idea to bid adieu to the past year, it demands a huge celebration and celebration cannot be without a delectable menu. So, we are here to enlighten you with some of the best menu ideas for New Year’s party.

New Year Party Menu Ideas:

  • An assortment of chips, with bowls of creamy and spicy dips, would help you start off night with a bang.
  • You can even assort some easy appetizers, like cream cheese balls, egg rolls, potato doughnuts, shrimp stuffed tomatoes, Sherrie stuffed mushrooms, momos etc
  • If you really want to enjoy the party without getting exhausted, go for finger foods like breads and spreads. This will not only save your time, but will also save you from being the kitchen slave. Try grilled pita triangles with some Mediterranean spreads like hummus and feta cheese and herb pate. Add stuffed grape leaves and some room temperature spinach pie triangles.
  • Wishing your guests a sweet new year with a dessert bar is a surprisingly easy alternative to providing different pastries. You can even think of bold combinations and splashy presentations, like a multi-layer ice cream cake, an over-the-top trifle, frosted brownies and banana splits.
  • You can go for personalized pizza. For this, set a table containing bowls of toppings. Let your guest chose the toppings to their liking.
  • If teens and tweens are the part of the party, make them a punch bowl containing a mix of fruit juices, or give them a more sophisticated option of “mocktails”, so that kids don’t engage themselves in unsupervised drinking. A faster option is serving fruit juices and sparkling water in a champagne glass or martini glass.
  • You can even wash down the party by adding coffee liqueur to a chocolate shake, and spice up a vanilla milkshake with vanilla vodka or a shot of rum.
  • End the party with a surprisingly exceptional food or a dessert that comprises of a lucky food, as determined by various cultures. It can be an offbeat alternative to your average luck pot!!

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