New Year Customs & Traditions

New Year Customs & Traditions

New Year is celebrated with great joy and festivity worldwide. It is the ideal occasion for indulgence in guilty pleasures, without feeling guilty. It is also the time to pamper yourself and enjoy some quality time with friends and family members. The best way to celebrate New Year and bask in its rich glory is to follow the age-old customs and traditions of the event. These customs and traditions usually stem from ancient practices, which have been passed on from generation to generation. These customs and traditions make the occasion even more special and help you to enjoy the event in the true sense.

New Year Customs & Traditions

Innumerous New Year customs are observed by people all over the world. These customs vary among people residing in different regions and among people of different cultures and religions. To know about some of the most popular New Year customs & traditions, read the information given below.

  • One of the most popular customs followed in New Year is making resolutions. These resolutions may range from trying to quit smoking to losing weight to doing something good for mankind. They are made with fine gusto and even if they are broken, it is taken in good humor.
  • Exploding fireworks and making loud noises is another traditional custom of New Year. It is said that making loud noises scares away evil spirits lurking in corners and you can usher in the New Year with sanctity around you. Everyone does not only enjoy fireworks but they add zing and splendor to your celebrations. They also spread radiance and joviality and make the event one to be remembered.
  • The kind of food that is consumed on New Year is also governed by popular traditions. It is said that eating anything that is in the shape of a ring brings good-luck. Doughnuts are one of the most eaten items on the New Year. Eating black-eyed peas – with cabbage or turnip or having 12 grapes at midnight is also said to usher in good luck and fortune.
  • Most people like to visit places of worship on the New Year, to thank God for the good things of the previous year and to pray for a successful year ahead. This is increasingly becoming popular, as it not only adds a traditional touch to the entire event, but also gives mental satisfaction and peace. Since New Year is the time of fresh beginnings, it is always believed that praying to the Almighty before starting the New Year is good.

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