Mother’s Day: All hype or some substance?

Mother’s Day: All hype or some substance?

MOTHERS are often taken for granted because they are always there for you. The thought that one should verbalise one’s emotions on a specific day takes a little getting used to. But, thanks to media hype and multinationals’ selling strategies, there’s a way to celebrate each and every day—Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc.

Multinationals use all sorts of tricks and strategies possible to promote their sales. One such important strategy is exploiting human emotions and sentiments.

Although many people believe that society is not being actually influenced to the extent the hype indicates. The fact is that the market does steer ones tastes and mould attitudes. New festivals and special occasions are given birth, so that one can spend and enjoy. Valentines, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Flower’s Day, Friendship Day and many more were very strategically introduced in the society.

One such day is the Mother’s Day, which according to American history falls on the second Sunday of May.

Krishna Devi, 58 and a mother of three sons strongly advocates that such days should not be allowed to affect our rich and vast culture. Krishna Devi, further tries to explain that such festivals may be well celebrated in the West where the children hardly meet their parents. “In our country children usually meet their parents regularly throughout their life. And if they cannot due to some reason, they would never need to use such special days to say ‘hello’ to their mothers,” comments the lady.

Rajdeep Bains, a mother of a four-year-old naughty boy holds a similar viewpoint. Rajdeep feels that days like Mother’s day do not hold any significance for their family. “It is a big hype that various cards selling companies have created. Neither does my son nor does my husband know what these days are. My son’s school has arranged for a picnic for the mother’s but hardly does anyone seem to know about the day much,” says Rajdeep.

Harinder C. Jot Singh, a Deputy Manager with Indian Oil Corporation on the other hand feels that there is nothing wrong in celebrating a day for your mother. The manager says, “I like celebrating such days. Although, I often visit my mom but there are times when you like telling that you care for her. Of course, spending uselessly is not wise but then we spend uselessly on Divali also.”

Poonam Sharma, a housewife whose parents have recently settled abroad feels positively about Mother’s Day. Poonam says, “If we can celebrate Valentines, New Years why not Mother’s Day! Mother is the greatest gift of god to the mankind. There is nothing bad in celebrating a special day for her. No doubt various card multinationals have created a hype in the market to promote their products but it is up to you to present her what ever you want to and how.”

Tanya Vermani, a student of Carmel Convent School, says, “I see my mummy everyday and out of 365 days of the year all are Mother’s Day for me. I don’t think that we children need to celebrate this day. I came to know about this day in my school and from various cards in the market. I can bake a cake for mummy on any Sunday. My parents and me hardly bother about Mother’s Day. If possible, I would love such a celebration every day.”

As Jasjeet,a bank executive puts it, “If you can show your feelings towards you mother throughout the year, it’s great but I feel there is no harm in devoting an entire day to articulating your appreciation for the effort your mother makes to light up your life. Nowadays, the pace of life is so fast that people who are not staying with their parents can at least connect and reach out to their source relationships”.

~ Gaurav Sood

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