Mother’s Day Special: A hug for MOMMY

The city is celebrating Mother’s Day primarily with banners and posters. For, the idea of buying presents for moms just doesn’t find favour with youngsters.

NECESSITY is the invention of all mothers. As so many moms seek ‘all things good and wonderful’ primarily for their little ones, they remain at the receiving end. No, not in the unending queues for gifts (the stuff is strictly for lady loves). But, generarlly, in life.

Right fellows, they stay back home preparing foodstuff on the blue flame, while you cook stories for staying out late with your pals for painting the town red. And while they save precious dough for the future by cutting down on personal expenses, you blow out money on partying friends as if there was no tomorrow.

For you, mother is a keeper of secrets and dad more of an automatic teller man, ATM for short. In other words, both play the parts assigned to them by the virtute of being your parents. And need no appreciation for the work, at all.

“Cards are not required. A picture of innocence is enough for you to withdraw money, anytime, anywhere,” says first-year humanities student Sudhir Gupta without making any attempts to conceal his mischevious smile.

No wonder, the mother’s day appears to be a drab affair despite all those advertisements and banners offering heavy discount and special stuff on the occassion. “In Chandigarh and other boom towns of the region, St. Valentine’s Day is commercially a bigger festival than Diwali,” says Raman of the Jewels, a Sector 11 chunk jewellery and gift shop. “And the reason behind the phenomenon is not very hard to see. Living in a material whirl of mobiles and malls, bill-and-cooers believe in exhibiting their love through cards and gifts. The expensive, the better!

But no one is bothered about mothers and fathers…. Guess, lovers are more important than parents for youngsters now-a-days.”

Celebrate her presence

Well folks, let Mother’s Day be a special occasion this time. Celebrate her. Indulge her. Love her. For, the day will not come for another year.

Acknowledge her presence in your life by not taking mom for granted. To begin with, stop taking her for a hurricane in its perfect power, suggests city-based socio-psychologist Nidhi Verma. “Share her concerns. Develop sensitivity to her condition. See if the passing years have brought along with them health concerns or even empty nest syndrome”.

Take her out to dinner in a fine restaurant she hesitates to frequent because of her money-saving nature. Just let it be a mother’s day out.

Lay your cards on the table. Present her a polite greeting card thanking her for being there. Take a cue from young innocents studying in city schools. The instructors are actually teaching them to write their hearts out after painting Mother’s Day cards.

Present perfect

Hop into your car and drive down to card, gift and chunk jewellery shops across the city for picking up the souvenirs of affection. “Archies has come out with a complete series of special `Mother’s Day’ gifts in alluring shades of love,” says Krishna Sahoonja of Dewsun Greetings and Gifts in Sector 11.

Up for grabs are key chains (Rs 99), refrigrator magnets (Rs 75), and even mugs (Rs 300). You can also return a bit of caring warmth by picking up nice talking teddies that sing in praise of moms (Rs 850) and even coasters specially designed for the occasion. Right, the ones with “I love you mom” message printed across in bold letters.

Just in case your mom spreads the jam on the bread your dad earns by sweating it out in the office, buy a nice little hardbound diary for her to keep track of day-to-day activities. Pick up the one with ‘world’s greatest mom’ inscribed on the cover in bold letters. The cost varies between Rs 99 and Rs 149.

Or else, remind her of all those loving moments by gifting her ‘mom-special’ photo frames. You can get one by pulling out anything between Rs 75 and Rs 300 from your wallet. A picture-perfect gift, indeed!

Another thing! You have been punching holes in your mom’s purse by borrowing money from her, so now make up for it by buying her a good leather handbag. “You can choose from branded ones like Allen Solly, or else go in for the not-so-expensive local ones,” says. The price varies between Rs 595 and Rs 1,000.

This is not the end of gifts. You can also go in for elaborate gift packs wrapped specially for the event. Cool shades, chic earrings, and bracelets that compliment each other make the collection attractive. It’s not very expensive either. The whole pack can be yours for just Rs 850.

If your mom has always been a pillar of strength and carver of your future, buy her fine statue shaped out of clay just for the telling her how great she is, still. The ones with touching messages will cost you something like Rs 200 each, but they are worth the price. Chic kitchen and bathroom sets also make good gifts if your mother believes in ‘purchasing only constructive things’.

Last thing! Become mamma’ boy and drop the baggage of ego and pride that you have picked up from the crossroads of life while traveling on the highway of time. Just make her feel that she is in control of the things, once more.

~ Saurabh Malik

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