Father's Day Present Ideas: World Culture & Traditions

Father’s Day Present Ideas: World Culture & Traditions

In this fast paced life, we tend to forget to express our thanks and gratitude to our father who has always been there by our side through thick and thin. It was your Dad, who helped to build your first castle on the beach, and it was him only who taught you how to play basket ball. Probably you must have thought of buying some precious gift for your Dad on Father’s Day. Of course, you must get him something good and useful. But he would love to spend some good time with you on this special day. Given below are some celebration ideas for Father’s Day.

  • Go Fishing: Fishing is a good time to revive old memories and spend some time together. So, along your father, go out and get a boat, buy a hook, line, sinker and tug for a great fishing experience.
  • Go Golfing: Whether your dad is a real golf pro or not, take him out for a day to a golf club and challenge him. The idea is to get him involved intensely and spend time with him.
  • Make Breakfast: Make scrumptious dish for your dad and surprise him in the morning. Prepare his favorite breakfast and serve in the bed itself with the morning newspaper.
  • Go Swimming: Probably it has been years since you last went swimming with your father. So, this father’s day, put on your swimming costume, gather your swimming gears, and head for a pool.
  • Sign up hobby class: For years, he has been thinking to join some hobby class, perhaps to learn piano, lawn tennis or to learn golf. Sign him up for the classes, but check his work schedule before you sign him up.
  • Gourmet Brunch: While your father is out for a walk, make a grand brunch for him. You can refer to your mom and other family members, to assist you in cooking.
  • Memory Book: Make him a memory book commemorating “Father And You” over the years. You can write quotes, messages and paste your pictures on it.
  • Watch TV: Get some of your dad’s favorite movies. Prepare popcorn or hot-dogs and watch the movies together.
  • Gourmet Dinner: Take him out for a dinner to his favorite restaurant and spend a great time.

Besides these, there are many more celebration ideas to make Father’s Day simply a great day for your dad. Remember he would love to spend quality time with you, rather than receiving precious gifts. So, make a wise move and make this day a special treat for your Father.

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