Father's Day Brunch Ideas: World Culture & Traditions

Father’s Day Brunch Ideas: World Culture & Traditions

Much goes unsaid and unexpressed, when it comes to conveying feelings and emotions to fathers. Though articulating feelings to mother comes automatically, most of us feel awkward while saying “thank you” or “love you” to our father. As such, a day dedicated to all the fathers in the world, give us the right opportunity to express our deep felt emotions. This Father’s Day, try making your father feel special and, believe me, you don’t have to go to extremes to do that. Remember, its little things that count a lot. Instead of getting him an expensive gift, do something which would really come as a surprise to him. One of the best bets would be to host a special brunch for your Dad. Inform your family members much in advance about your plan and make all the necessary preparations. To get some brunch ideas for your dad on Father’s Day, read through the following lines.

Brunch Ideas For Father’s Day

  • A brunch idea is a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day, but how about adding to it an element of surprise? Plan the brunch in a way that your dad does not come to know of it.
  • To keep it a secret, one of the key aspects to adhere to, would be to cook quietly. Do not create a mess in the kitchen. The ideal time would be to prepare when your father is not at home, for instance, when he is out for a morning walk, or gardening, or cleaning the car, and so on.
  • The best bet would be to involve the whole family in planning and preparation process. This would make the occasion all the more special and a reason to celebrate.
  • The menu you choose should include your dad’s favorite items. However, make sure that it is easy to prepare, filling for the stomach and extremely scrumptious for the taste buds. Right from starters and main course, to dessert and beverages, include everything on the menu list.
  • Set the mood for the meal. For an afternoon brunch, set the table with the good china, nicely folded napkins and flowers in a nice vase. Add a few vanilla or lavender scented candles, to add to the glory of the occasion.
  • The centerpiece you choose is an important consideration to make. You can either go for a beautiful, authentic keepsake that your dad admires or even place a well carved vase with your dad’s most loved flowers.
  • Make sure that the room should be a well-lit one. It should have ample of natural light. In case, the room is on the darker side, arrange for some tubes and bulbs much in advance.
  • Make sure that you decorate the room well. Put on family portraits on the cupboards and arrange for your dad’s favorite flowers everywhere. However, do not overdo it. Remember, simplicity looks the best.
  • How about adding a fun quotient to your Father’s Day brunch? Take out some old board games, which you and your dad played, when you were young. It would be great to revive those happy old times.
  • Once you are done with all the preparations, only then bring your dad to the table and surprise him.

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