Easter Cross: Christian Culture & Traditions

Easter Cross And It’s Significance in Christianity

Any symbol is an arbitrary sign that has acquired significance over the ages. And Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday, is the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. And hence, the significance of this Cross is very high in Christian religious faith. However, this cross was the symbol of Crucifixion and not Resurrection. But Constantine, at the Council of Nicaea, in 325 A.D. declared Holy Cross to be the official symbol of Christianity. Therefore, the Cross not only became the symbol of Easter, but was also used all around the year as a symbol of undying faith by the Catholic Church.

Easter Cross
Easter Cross

This Cross is highly significant for Christians. For the Christian community, it is just like a Cross, which is the symbol of life over death. This Cross reminds us of the pain and bloodshed of Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus had to shed blood because of the sins committed by human beings. He was crucified to save us from eternal perish, thus goes the Christian belief. In fact, He suffered for us. Hence, this Cross is a sacred cross, which is also a representation of faith. Moreover, on a positive side, Easter Cross indicates the triumph of good over evil, goodness over badness and life over death. Easter Cross spreads the message of both crucifixion and resurrection. On one hand, it symbolizes sacrifice and on the other, it signifies a new life.

There are different kinds of Crosses that are used in different religion. Greek Cross is used by the Eastern Orthodox Churches and Latin Cross is used by the Catholics and Protestants. In fact, the crosses are of different lengths also. However, the Cross, which is 6-7 feet long, is the mostly used. It looks really remarkable and striking. This Cross is specifically used during the Lent Season for prayers. During Easter, the black draping over the Easter Cross, meant for mourning the death of Lord Christ on Good Friday, is removed. Rather, Easter Cross is decked up with colorful and blooming flowers in order to honor the return of Christ. Hence, the Easter Cross has a lot of importance and significance for Christians.

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