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Australia Christmas Celebrations

In Australia, Christmas on 25th December actually falls in the mid of the warmth of summer and it is often very hot here during Christmas. The Christmas here is celebrated along traditional lines with people attending the great mass in church on the Christmas Day. The services are held early in the morning. This is how the day of Christmas begins in Australia along with the decoration of their homes with flowers and other plants and Church rituals in the morning.

The festivities of Christmas begin from the noon when generally people prefer to go out for a picnic in the wood or on the beach. The feasts are also organized at these places. The popular Christmas dishes include the traditional hams, turkeys and plum pudding. As the climate is very hot, salads and other summer foods also form an important part on the Christmas menu. Lots of events and concerts are also held through out the country on this day. Many people also prefer to celebrate their day in a pool, playing cricket at the backyard or any other outdoor activities.

America Christmas Celebrations

North America

The United States of America is a vast country with people from different ethnic groups residing here. This is why, Christmas celebrations do not only vary from state to state but also from house to house. The Jewish people in USA celebrate Hanukkah other than the Christian celebration on this day. Generally, the houses, streets and stores are wonderfully decorated with colorful lights and Christmas trees and Santa Claus on this day. The entire atmosphere is made musical by the auspicious Christmas carols being played all the time. The entire city is decorated till New Year in the colors of Christmas. Feasting and Partying are extended week long and even Schools are generally closed till 2nd January. All the countries in North America have a similar celebration.

South America

In South America, unlike other parts of the world, the Christmas is celebrated as a harvest festival. Places like Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay in South America, celebrate the festival in similar way. The native of the place, the Bolivians observe this day as thank giving day after the completion of a year’s agricultural work. The festival is completely dedicated to Mother Earth and all the celebrations and feasting is done in order to commemorate her presence. The people here pray for their well being and prosperity and ask her to bring a fruitful harvest in the coming year. In Brazil, Santa Claus is popular by the name of Papa Noel. Here instead of Christmas trees, the creche or Presepio, representing the Christ’s birth is popular. Gifts and toys are also exchanged during the holiday season. There is also unique tradition in some parts of South America, where children write letters to the Christ-child on the eve of Christmas and place shoes in the window in which he may place toys when he comes to his place.

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