Terminalia Belerica (Belleric Myrobalan, Beleric, Baehra)

Terminalia Belerica (Belleric Myrobalan, Beleric, Baehra)Family Name: Combretaceae

Botanical Name: Terminalia Belerica

Common Name: Belleric Myrobalan, Beleric, Baehra

Part Used: Fruit

Habitat: Grown throughout India.

Terminalia BelericaUses: It is Astringent, Tonic, Expectorant and Laxative. It is used in coughs and sore throat. Its pulp is used in dropsy, piles and diarrhoea. It is also useful in leprosy, fever and hair care. It is also used in oxalic acid and preparation of ink.


Terminalia beleriea has deep roots in Indian mythology as well as in Ayurveda. It is part of a compound rasayana preparation of three myrobalan fruits, known as Triphala (or trifla) , which is important in both Indian and Tibetan traditional medicine. The name Vibheekaki indicates that regular use keeps a person healthy and free from disease. The fixed oil from the seeds is used for cooking.


A large deciduous tree reaching up to 29 m (Plate 62). The trunk and stems are straight with a characteristic blue-grey, cracked bark. The leaves are broadly elliptical, about 10-25 em in length and 5-8 cm in width, coriaceous, alternate and mainly directed toward the apex of the branches. The flowers are in axillary spikes, pale greenish-yellow with an unpleasant odour. The fruits are globular, grey, hairy and about 1-2 em in diameter.

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