Cinchona Officinalis (Quinine, Peruvian Bark, Quinine Bark)

Cinchona Officinalis (Quinine, Peruvian Bark, Quinine Bark)Family Name: Rubiaceae

Botanical Name: Cinchona Officinalis

Common Name: Quinine, Peruvian Bark, Quinine Bark

Part Used: Quinine Isolated From Bark

Habitat: Cultivated in Nilgiri Hills

CinchonaUses: Quinine is bitter, astringent, acrid, thermogenic, febrifugre, oxytoxic and anodyne. It is digestive, antipyretic, cardiotonic, dystocia, eumbago etc.


Cinchona officinalis (Quinine Bark) is a tree native to Amazon Rainforest vegetation. This plant is used for the production of quinine, which is an anti-fever agent especially useful in the prevention and treatment of malaria. There are a number of various other chemicals which are made from this tree, and they include cinchonine, cinchonidine and quinidine.

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