Rahu and Marriage

Rahu and Marriage — It is a common practice to blame Mars when marriages fail but the effect of Rahu is seldom highlighted or studied thoroughly. Rahu creates problems when placed in the seventh house or is in conjunction with Mars or Venus in a horoscope. The problems created by Rahu lead to depression, strange thoughts and ideas often leading to inter-personal rifts, dislikes, etc.

The person also develops attractions outside marriage. The effects of Rahu are numerous and many times beyond the scope of imagination. I have come across innumerable cases where the impact of Rahu has either delayed the marriage beyond a reasonable time frame or else has led to abnormal developments after marriage, which created strong hatred between the couple.

Mostly such marriages end up in divorces or separation. Where the marriages continue, life is worse than death. Only remedy that is possible in such cases is to pacify Rahu and empowerment of seventh house, Mars or Venus, so that the extreme results are mellowed down.

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