Rahu Transits To Sagittarius And Ketu Moves To Gemini On 3rd November, 2009

Rahu Transits To Sagittarius And Ketu Moves To Gemini On 3rd November, 2009 — On 3rd November 2009, Rahu will be transiting in sign Sagittarius and Ketu will move to sign Gemini. These two sensitive entities shall remain in these signs for next 18 months. These nodes always move in retrograde motion. The transit of Rahu being natural significator of materialism, Research, harsh speech, overseas, dearth and want, argument, falsehood, cunningness, strength, dignity, gambling, quarrels, suicide, slavery and ketu being natural significator of Final emancipation, Imprisonment, salvation, suicide, maternal grandfathers, perpetrator, assassination, adultery among other things has been keenly watched by those who want to be forewarned.

In general Rahu-Ketu transit can confer following effects for the natives born with different Moon Signs. In any case, the specific results are heavily dependent on the basic strength of the natal chart, transits and also the running dasha of the individual studied all in synchronization.

3/21 – 4/20
During this transit rahu shall placed in 9th house and ketu in 3rd house for Moonsign Arians. The next eighteen months will be a stabilization period in general. Overseas travel to the west for higher education/profession is a possibility. New business deals and profitable ventures are there. There will be a change in the living standard & life style. More luxuries will be added in your life. Visits to some religious or a place of spiritual significance will take place. Health of spouse / family members shall remain good.
4/20 – 5/20
During this transit Rahu shall placed in 8th house and ketu in 2nd house for Moonsign Taurus. The influence of Rahu will be unfavorable giving obstructions and setbacks. There is a possibility of getting an unexpected inheritance & sudden gains. With your tact and prudence, you will find the solutions to the problems you face. It is advised to go in for new financial investment only after proper know how. You may win some legal cases. If you are suffering from any chronic disease, extreme care must be taken. Emotional tension might affect you. Students shall come out successful in competitive examinations.
5/21 – 6/21
During this transit rahu shall placed in 7th house and ketu in sign Gemini. Coming 18 months will be an average period. Caution & suitable remedial measures can reduce the effect of adverse planets. This period can also create problems in emotional and family matters. Professionally, carefully chosen partners can help in realizing goals. A regulated life will help you achieve your targets. Keep a check on your expenses. General health deterioration is likely. Be careful about your eating habits.
6/22 – 7/22
During this transit rahu shall placed in 6th house and ketu in 12th house for Moonsign Cancer. This transit can provide courage & mental strength. Victory over enemies is assured. Differences of opinion within family members will be reduced. Good proposals can be expected for those unmarried. On the health front some incidence of intestinal/nerve disorder can be there. Students will be successful if they follow a disciplined routine. Admission to courses of their choice is assured.
7/23 – 8/22
During this transit rahu shall placed in 5th house and ketu in 11 house for Moonsign Leo. Next eighteen months will give you the courage and stamina. Those opting for foreign postings and MNC’S jobs will get for sure. Those in service will get their favorable transfer and promotion. Pregnant women must exercise a lot of caution. Students will face some impediments in their routine. Health will be moderate.
8/23 – 9/22
During this transit rahu shall placed in 4th house and ketu in 10th house for Moonsign Virgo. During this transit there can be lack of mental peace, obstacles & strains, which could make you tense. Mother will need attention. There might be an increase in landed property and vehicles, but be extra cautious before finalizing any deal. Rewards will not be commensurate with the hard work put in. If you can cut down your expenses on luxury items, be careful in your investments as well. Control your food habits & enjoy walking. Students in scientific streams will do extremely well.
9/23 – 10/22
During this transit rahu shall placed in 3rd house and ketu in 9th house for Moonsign Libra. Success in achieving goals is assured. Business will run smoothly, but keep away from capital-intensive new projects. Sound health is foreseen, however, your father’s health could suffer. Students should do very well by dint of sheer determination. Success in competitive examination is indicated.
10/23 – 11/21
During this transit rahu shall placed in 2nd house and ketu in 8th house for Moonsign Scorpio. There might be tensions at home but if you control your temper, it will be bliss at home. Rheumatic complaints & joint pains are likely. Exhaustion, restlessness might set in. Fruitful long journeys are also expected which would give you additional money. Profit can be expected in new business adventures. Caution is required for all money dealings. Those unmarried have fair chance of getting married.
11/22 – 12/21
During this transit rahu shall placed in 1st house and ketu in 7th house for Moonsign Sagittarius. There would be warmth infused in relations. Do not let your ego emerge as hurdle in doing the jobs to assure personal gain. On the personal front life would be more colorful. For business and profession this would be an average period. However, economically it would be satisfying period.
12/22 – 1/19
During this transit rahu shall placed in 12th house and Ketu in 6th house for Moonsign Capricorn. You will experience domestic happiness, peace and prosperity. A change of residence is possible. You shall get over your problems with your intelligence & abilities. You may also get a legal victory. Past debts will be reduced. Health problems that you had in the past would subside and this feeling of good health will help you to achieve your targets easily. Students will get rewards for the efforts put in.
1/20 – 2/18
During this transit rahu shall placed in 11th house and Ketu in 5th house for Moonsign Aquarius. There shall be increase in income, positive changes in profession and fulfillment of long cherished desires. Outflow of funds will be high. Children might cause some tension. Pregnant women must be extremely cautious. During these brief spells health and relationships will have to be taken care of.
2/19 – 3/20
During this transit rahu shall placed in 10th house and ketu in 4th house for Moonsign Pisces. Those seeking job, promotions foreign postings will get positive results. New avenues for investment & profitable ventures will open up. There will be new relationships. There will be an elevation in your living standard with luxury items added in your life. Family relationships will strengthen & misunderstandings & conflict will get resolved.

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