Pisces Men Too Dreamy To Marry?

Pisces Men Too Dreamy To Marry? — One of the accusations hurled at people born under the last zodiac sign, Pisces, is that they are too dreamy and sensitive. Pisces, which starts mid-February and ends in mid-March, is known for its creativity, but also its ‘sensitivity’, and since many famous but eccentric artistes, especially musicians, have been born under this sign,women also sometimes assume that Pisces men are too dreamy and passive to make for good life partners.

However, just as with people born under any other zodiac sign, Pisceans have two paths they can take, based on their creative, sensitive natures. In fact, the symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, and this symbolises much of what a Pisces person can turn out to be. They can give in to their dreamy, sensitive side and let it lead them passively down the ‘dark side’, into a disconnect from reality, depression, perhaps substance abuse and a brooding dreaminess that’s sometimes seen as ‘artistic’ temperament. It is true that that kind of Pisces man can be an impractical life partner, since you can’t depend on them to face any of the realities of life, let alone support a family.

However, should a Pisces choose to be his ‘stronger’ self, there’s no one better than him for a husband. With their sensitivity,they make wonderful, caring husbands who tend to resolve things without much conflict, and exercise a calming influence on everyone in their family. And with their unmatched intuition, they also make good professionals and leaders, since they instinctively understand how to deal with different kinds of people without letting their ego get in the way.

The Pisces man has the potential to be more decisive, professional and practical than most others, because they don’t have overwhelmingly large egos, like some aggressive fire signs, and often don’t have a personal point to prove to anyone. They are also quite romantic, and might forget the occasional anniversary, but can surprise their partners with an unexpected breakfast in bed on many more weekends than more occupied, laconic husbands. And the same sensitivity and creativity that make them great artistes and musicians also make them good family men, who can inculcate good values and exercise authority with a gentle hand, often making them a favourite among children.

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