On The Path of Astrology

Egyptian AstrologyOn The Path of Astrology — The history of Astrology has been recorded as 75,000 years old with different schools of thought as to where it originated, some assert Egypt others Babylonia. It is the mother of modern day Astronomy. Constellations (signs), stars, calculations were all given to us by Astrology. The ancients calculated the distance between planets and their relationship to the inhabitants of earth. One often wonders how ancient societies observed the stars and were able to calculate their movement. Its been an enigma that can only make us wonder if ancient astronauts brought us this highly sophisticated science, teaching us that there is a pattern to our existence and we all have been given a master plan to instruct us how to live our lives to the fullest and to utilize our greatest abilities.

Astrology has been viewed as the work of the devil in the past and a lot of people today still believe its comprised of reading a daily horoscope. It is not. Those predictions are quite general and based on the Sun Sign, which is the sign you were born under and on the motion of the Moon which moves into a different sign every 2 to 3 days. Since no two people are alike, no two Charts are alike. They are compared to a set of fingerprints or, to an imaginary camera taking a photo of the heavens at the exact moment of your birth.

A birth chart is called a Natal Chart and although you may have been born under the Sign of Gemini, you may find that very little of the Gemini personality is yours. Think of your Sign as the background of your personality with the real you being filtered through the Ascendant (Rising Sign), this is the real you and it is, how you look, act, speak and the way you appear to the outer world. There are 12 Houses that comprise a Natal Chart and each one deals with a different aspect of your life. For example; the 1st House is the Ascendant, the 2nd House is your finances, how you earn a living, and what you value. The 3rd House tells about your thinking and your mind (the learning process) at the same time it deals with the immediate neighborhood in which you live, while the 4th House deals directly with your Home and the end of a matter, also ruling your parents and so on and so forth.

So what can Astrology do for you? It can guide you toward choosing the correct mate, job, career, tell about your health, children, love life, sex life and your position in the world. It can tell us when we should watch for certain pitfalls, and the times in life when nothing seems to go right. For those of you in your late twenties and early thirties, it is a time of lessons to be learned. This is when the planet Saturn returns back to the sign it occupied when you were born and occurs beginning age 29 until age 32. Some think of it as their moment of maturity since many times there are difficult circumstances, everything seems to be falling apart with, unpleasant endings. These transits are meant to make us stronger and they do! They should not be viewed with a sense of foreboding but, with a feeling that we will be stronger and better when they are over.

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