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Cancer Libra Compatibility

Cancer Libra Compatibility — There are as many similarities in the personality of a Cancer and a Libra as there are dissimilarities. Both the individuals want harmony in their life and try to stay as far away from discord as possible. They are considerate of their partner’s feelings and are sensitive to their needs. The Crab loves to lead a peaceful life, in which there are no confrontations, and so does a Libra. On the negative side, the latter is much more practical, rational, reasonable, balanced and open-minded than the former. There are other factors too, affecting their compatibility.

The Crab seems to be too much affected by other people and takes decisions on the basis of his emotions and loyalties. He does believe in communication, but much lesser than a Libra. For a Libran individual, a partner is an equal. However, the Crab either wants to pamper his mate or be pampered, like a child. He wants to be dependent emotionally and seeks a shoulder for that, or wants his partner to depend on him. Though these differences can cause some conflicts in this zodiac match, if they make some efforts, this relationship can indeed turn beautiful.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman

This match has as many chances of working as of not-working. The initial start will be very good, the main problem will come in making it work, on a much more permanent basis. One of the areas where differences will crop up is the money department, he loves to save and she loves to shop. He is much more practical and sensible than she is. Infact, she is more carefree about life and likes to take each day as it comes. He may at times not express his feelings fully, which will frustrate her very much. The best way to make this match work is by conversing.

Cancer Woman and Libra Man

The compatibility of the relationship between a Cancer woman and a Libra man will require sincere efforts on the part of both the individuals as well as lots of communication. He wants intellectual stimulation and she needs love and romance. But, if she manages to warm his heart, you will be treated to raging passions, which have every possibility of drowning you. They will have to work a lot, first, on knowing each other desires and then, on trying to fulfill them. Though, in the end, the efforts they put in will definitely be worth the results.

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