Astrology Still Matters In Indian Marriages: Study

Astrology Still Matters In Indian Marriages: Study — Astrological compatibility is still a key criterion in Indian marriages, especially if they are arranged, a study said Thursday.

According to a study by marriage portal, over 60 percent profiles posted on the site have listed themselves under the ‘manglik’ and ‘non-manglik’ bracket, as determined by astrology.

‘It is also interesting to note that the acceptance of mangliks among the non-manglik community is as low as nine percent, which clearly shows that astrological compatibility is still one of the key criteria considered during arranged marriages,’ the study said.

Also, these beliefs are not just restricted to members of the older generation, but are prevalent amongst youngsters too.

‘A look at the demographics of the profiles show that 68 percent grooms who have mentioned their manglik or non-manglik status have posted their profiles themselves on the site,’ the portal said.

‘In case of brides, 39 percent of the profiles have been posted by their parents and 35 percent have been posted by themselves. Therefore, it is evident that it is not only the older generation who are stuck with these taboos, the younger generation also believes in the same,’ it added.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Rohit Manghnani of said: ‘Over the last few years, we have witnessed that horoscope matching is gaining ground across communities in India.’

‘It is not only the older generation who send us enquiries for horoscope services, the younger crowd also avails of these services,’ he added.

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