Astrology and Popular Gemstones

Astrology and Popular Gemstones — To get the right gemstones to the right people – for the right purpose.


SapphiresAlso called Pukhraj, derived from Pushpa Raag which means ’the color of a flower’. These come in various colors like yellow, blue, white, pink, golden, pale, lemon green, green, purple, etc. The yellow, white (colorless) and blue the most commonly found and used colors in sapphires.

Yellow sapphires are mounted on rings or pendants and are used for Jupiter.

Blue sapphires are used in similar way but for Saturn. Blue sapphires are also called Neelam. These are considered to have highly potent powers and can give extreme good or bad results depending on the wearer’s suitability to the Neelam.

Amitabh Bachchan wears two Neelam and his rise in career after wearing them is well known.

The rare colors in sapphires are purple, green, pink and golden. The pink sapphire is called Padma Raag, or the color of a lotus. These are very valuable and were sought after by members of royal families and by other people in power.

Today, the sapphires are mined and sourced from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. But, owing to the increasing demand in India for these gems, especially yellow and blue sapphires, many of the exporters in these source nations have started artificially treating the sapphires to change their color and clarity.

But, these artificially treated gems lose their potencies and are not effective as astrological remedial gems. For best results one should always buy natural and untreated sapphires.


EmeraldsPopularly called Panna, this green gemstone is very alluring and beautiful to look at. It comes in many shades of green ranging from deep green to very light green. The Columbian variety of emeralds have the lightest shade and are also the most sought after of emeralds.

Emeralds are used as remedy stones for Mercury. They are helpful in increasing concentration, verbal skills, logical thinking and mathematical abilities. For people in fields like software programming, accountancy, journalism, creative writing, research, etc, emerald is very helpful in dealing with the mental stress these careers can give.

Emeralds are never totally transparent. They have some fibres and inclusions. A crystal clear emerald is extremely rare and if such a gem existed it would be very expensive.

Emeralds come from Africa, Brazil, India and Columbia. The Columbian mines produce the best quality of emeralds. In India, there is a town called Panna in Madhya Pradesh. That area was famous for its emeralds. Now also, emeralds are mined in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.


RubyRuby is the gemstone for Sun, the most powerful of all planets in astrology. Ruby is red or pink in color. It is considered to provide confidence, luck and wealth to its wearer.

Ruby is called Manik in Hindi and Suryamani in Sanskrit. It was a gemstone worn by the kings. It was so expensive and sought after that it was given as brokerage in the trade of diamonds.

Ruby is good for people having heart related problems. It also benefits those who are in high profile jobs and hold responsible positions.

The market nowadays is full of artificial rubies which are manufactured in factories in China, Taiwan and south east Asian countries. This has made the natural rubies rarer and more out of reach.

The source nations of rubies are Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia.

The best rubies come from Burma. But, the military rule there and the sanctions imposed b the UN have encourage the smuggling of these beautiful gems making them more expensive.


GomedhGomedh or hessonite, is a gem which is mainly used as a remedial gemstone. It is worn in ring or pendant for the planet Rahu (Dragon’s head).

Gomedh comes in colors ranging from deep black to brown to yellow. The most used variety is of a golden brown color, like Coca Cola.

Gomedh word is derived from Gau Mutra, urine of a cow. The Gomedh best suitable for remedial purposes should be of the color of a cow’s urine.

Gomedh is helpful in cases of psychological disorders like anxiety, neurosis, mania and depression. It soothes the nerves and calms the mind. It gives logical tact to the mind.

Gomedh is best suited for people who are in fields like, politics, acting, intelligence, police and in businesses like casinos, bars, pubs, discos, etc.

Gomedh is mainly found in India and even the best qualities have been mined in Orissa in India. Another good variety of Gomedh comes from Sri Lanka.

Cats Eye

cats_eyeCats eye, popularly called Lehsunia, is a gem worn for Ketu (Dragon’s tail). It is called cats eye due to a string of light reflection which is seen across its surface when this gem is turned and tilted slightly.

This light ray is formed due to the polishing done on this gem. This gem is carved and polished in such a way that the light reflection occurs and it gives the appearance of a cats eye blinking slowly.

Cats eyes are made from many base gems. They may be carved out of quartz, beryl, lapis, opal or moonstone. The best variety is based on beryl and is of greenish hue.

Cats eye are found in India and mainly in areas of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

Cats eyes are helpful in cases of headaches, migraines, body aches, urinary disorders, kidney disorders, skin problems, etc.


PearlPearl is a natural and organic gem. It is produced by oysters by slowly secreting layers of calcium around a foreign particle which has penetrated their bodies inside the shell.

Pearls are used as remedial gems for Moon. They are worn in rings, pendants or in form of necklaces using pearl strings.

The natural pearls are the ones which occur naturally and are found only by chance. The cultured pearls are those which are produced by artificially inducing an oyster to produce pearls.

In pearl farms the oysters are kept in nets hanging in water. They are fed regularly and a small grain of sand or some other particle is inserted in their bodies to induce them to produce pearl around that grain of sand.

The pearls are of two varieties, fresh water pearls and sea water pearls. In India, there are pearl farms in Orissa and Andaman Islands.

Pearls are good for people with hypertension. People who lose tempers easily should wear pearls to help them maintain their cool.

Pearls are natural and very pure form of calcium. In the Greek system of medicine powdered pearls are given to patients with weaknesses of bones.

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