Astro Speak: Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister?

Kejriwal Modi RahulAstro Speak: Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister? — The Congress-BJP-AAP battle hots up as the countdown to counting day begins. Will AAP’s national debut match up to its superb show in Delhi elections? Will Gujarat CM Narendra Modi find his way to the Prime Minister’s chair? Will Congress’ young face Rahul Gandhi beat his competitors? Three leading astrologers – Bejan Daruwala, Sanjay B Jumaani and Bharat Bhushan predict what lies ahead for our leaders.

Bejan Daruwala

Tiger will beat the dog and the donkey

Narendra Modi has a mount of Jupiter on his palm. Jupiter is a very powerful planet which shows popularity. Below his little finger there is a mount of mercury which denotes publicity, advertisement and image building. Below the ring finger, there’s a mount of Sun which means leadership.

According to Chinese Astrology, Narendra Modi is born in the year of tiger. Rahul Gandhi is born in the year of dog. Kejriwal is born in the year of donkey. Tiger will beat his competitors hands down.

Narendra Modi’s Moon and Mars are together. Moon is for popularity and Mars is for energy. The combination of two makes him a winning material.

For all these reasons, Narendra Modi will win the game.

Sanjay B Jumaani

Apart from this being his 64th year, Modi’s name adds up to 41, or 5. Mercury is his ruler as he is a Virgo. Mercury is the fastest planet and is said to be the planet of knowledge, communication and movement. India will enter her 68th (5) birthday on August 15, when movement of such sort can be seen.

A word of caution

Modi’s signature tilts upwards (as we too suggest), which is a good thing and signifies take-off and growth. However, at the same time, like Azharuddin, he ends it with a line coming down which signifies a downfall.

Tricky time for Congress ahead

Sonia Gandhi, being in her 68th (5) year, isn’t very well placed since being a No 9 (Mars), No 5 does not auger well for her. Rahul Gandhi is now in his 44th (Saturn) year, which can be tricky. His 45th (9, Mars) year too does not sound promising, as he is a number 1 and numbers 9 and 1 are poles apart.

Rise & Fall of AAP

While Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi are both well placed in their 46th and 64th years respectively, NaMo has a superior advantage with a much more powerful Name Number.

While Modi adds to 5, Arvind Kejriwal adds to 31. The meaning of a name that adds up to 31 is that the person it represents often becomes self-contained, lonely, and isolated. It is not a favourable number from a material standpoint. Former Maharashtra CM Ashok Rao Chavan whose name added up to 31 after he added the ‘Rao’ had a short tenure after assuming office on the 8th. Kejriwal, with a name adding up to 31, assumed office on a No 8 date, too – 26th November.

Also, AAP adds to a number that indicates a ’Wheel Of Fortune’ that denotes ’Rise & Fall’, that one’s name will be known for ’Good or Evil’.

Gujarat CM clearly has the numbers on his side as the poll battle approaches – even if the number he is looking at all the time is 272.

Bharat Bhushan

There’s no astrological basis of predicting who will form the government this time. But what is certain is that UPA headed by Congress will not come into power.

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