Aquarius Weekly Horoscope October 2021

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope By Anupam V Kapil

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope By Anupam V Kapil: 10 – 16 October, 2021

Feelings of escapism and longing ‘to get away from all this’ are strong in the next few weeks. Results can be much more intense than what you imagine. Let go when pressured, and your calm conquers limitation. Persevere. Typically fixed, you are resistant to radical change. Fear not. An abrupt about-face opens new doors and potential alliances. Personal sacrifices were painful, but not in vain. The universe will soon acknowledge your struggle.

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  1. Why no horoscope update for other / all star signs

  2. Thank you Sir, May you have all the happiness and Success of the world.. :))

  3. Sir plzz show today horoscope Aquarius

  4. Please show this week’s Aquarius horoscope

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