Wall Table Tennis

Wall Table TennisWall Table Tennis – This is a most popular game among boys and girls and it is quite possible for you to make a table tennis set that can be fixed to a table so that you can practice this fast and absorbing sport. The net is the all important feature to make and this constructed from mesh netting that can be bought from a draper’s store. We are making a regulation size table tennis outfit, for this needs a larger table and most modern rooms do not give sufficient space for running back. The idea of this game is to put a net across a large table placed against a wall, and to hit the ball over the net so that it will bounce back over the net your bat, so that you can continue play.

Cut the netting to the width of your table on which you propose to play, allowing for an inch turn over at each end. Make the net 6 in. in depth, this measurement to include I in. turn over top and bottom. Thread a piece of twine through the top turn over of the net and leave both ends loose. Now do the same with the bottom turn over, so that you will have twine running the length of the net. The next step is to make the side supports. Fashion these from two pieces of flat mild steel, ½ in. wide, bent as shown in the diagram, so that it can be fitted over the table ends. Drill a hole and thread this to take a wing bolt.

Now try the end pieces on your table for size. They should fit securely when the wing bolt is tightened and stand perfectly rigid- see A. Gum a piece of green baize on the parts A so that the table will not be damaged. Drill two holes to take the twine at the points B as illustrated and your net can be strung across the table in position. Before tying this to the end supports, dip the net in starch and then dye it a bright green and you can commence to play, using the ordinary table tennis ball.

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