Scary Tiger Face Painting

Scary Tiger Face Painting – To turn yourself into a scary tiger, all you need is a little patience and a bit of artistic skill!

You need: four colors: white, yellow, black and brown – which you get by mixing green and red with your finger; a black and white pencil; brush; sponge; hair gel or mousse.
Tiger Face Painting Kit
Tiger Features1 – With the black pencil create tiger features as follows:
Draw two lines above your eyebrows; draw around your eyes so they look cat-like;
Tiger Mouth2 – Paint a small black triangle on the end of your nose joined to your mouth with a line. Draw two black triangles from your nose to the corners of your mouth.
Tiger Furcolor3 – To make the tiger fur color, dip your sponge in the yellow, and paint over the rest of your face, avoiding the black lines.


Tiger Face4 – With light strokes, use the brown to outline the contours of your face to give depth.
Tiger Eyes 5 – With a brush or your finger, fill in around your mouth and between your eyes and eyebrows in white. With the black pencil, draw in your tiger stripes on your forehead, cheeks and chin.
Tiger Toplip 6 – With the white pencil, draw white lines under the black lines to give a lightening effect.
Now add the final touch – the whiskers. Draw thin black lines above your top lip.


Tiger Hair7 – Finally, with gel or mousse, scrunch your hair into a wild mane to make you look even scarier!
Tiger Sitting

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