Thanksgiving Art & Craft Ideas: Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving Art & Craft Ideas For Children

Thanksgiving Art & Craft Ideas For Children: The harvest festival of Thanksgiving is celebrated as an expression of gratitude and appreciation, for a good annual reap. It even has certain religious sentiments associated with it. Primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada, the festival is a unique concoction of religious values and secular outlooks. It is this combination that makes the occasion popular in other countries as well. Today, the festival is observed on the 4th Thursday of November every year in the States and on the 2nd Monday of October in Canada. The prime attraction of the festival is the getting together of friends and families for the popular ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’.

‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ is a scrumptious meal, comprising of a large roasted turkey, roasted duck, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cornbread, mincemeat pies, etc. To make the festival even more interesting, you can decorate your house with the in-numerous Thanksgiving decors available locally in any gift store or decor shop. This includes a variety of festive table-scapes, centerpieces and wreaths which you can use in different ways, to bring the magic of the autumn season inside your house. If you are a little creative and inventive, you can even craft decorations by using easily available materials. Make beautiful Thanksgiving decorations or engage your kids with interesting Thanksgiving crafts on this holiday, using our quick and easy art & craft ideas.

Thanksgiving Art & Craft For Kids:

Thanksgiving Turkey:

  • You can use walnuts to make easy turkey ornaments. Just brush glue on the fabrics and stack them on the sides and bottom of the walnut. Then, cover it with aluminum foil, to make it look like turkey’s body.
  • Next, fold strips of cotton fabric into pleats in accordion style, to make the tail of the turkey and glue one end of the pleats together.
  • Glue this tail to the bottom of the turkey. Use a piece of sisal rope to make the head and neck of the turkey.
  • You can embellish the turkey by adding a small wattle made of red felt, on the front of head and a small diamond-shaped piece of yellow felt as the peak.
  • Use black marker to mark the eyes of the turkey.
  • Cut out small diamond shaped wings from a matching fabric or paper and attach it to your turkey’s sides.
  • Now, place these turkeys near your table centerpieces, on candle holders and on the sides of decorative vases in your room, while entertaining your guests on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Art & Craft Ideas: Thanksgiving Headbands

  • Cut a strip of paper about 2 inches thick from the paper bag that is long enough to be wrapped around your forehead.
  • Paint random designs on your headband. Cut feather shapes from the construction paper and glue them to the top edge of your headband from inside.
  • Wear the headband and to staple the ends together at the back of your head.
  • Now you can play Native Indians and welcome Pilgrims from Mayflower to your home (land).
  • Children especially love to make headbands that resemble those of Native Indians and wear them later to show them off to their friends.

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