Telephone Directory Holder

Telephone Directory HolderTelephone Directory Holder – Quite a number of homes are now fitted with the telephone and one great trouble is to find a place to keep the telephone directories. These are rather bulky and do take up quite a lot of room. The simply made and quite handy holder illustrated will solve the question of their storage, besides being a most attractive article of furniture.

Build this holder of ¾ in. or 1 in wood, whichever you have by you. You will require a piece measuring 9 in. wide by 12 in. long for the base and this should be carefully sandpapered or planed so that the surface and all the edges are rounded and smooth. Now cut a piece of the same wood to measure 9 ½ in. long by 8 ½ in. wide for the bottom of the shelf. Also two pieces of 8 in. wide and 6 in. deep for the sides, and one length 9 ½ in. by 6 in deep for the backrest.

Cut the two side pieces as shown in the diagram and shape these as illustrated, with gentle flowing curves for a decorative effect. Plane and sandpaper the pieces until they are smooth and rounded to the touch. Now screw the two side pieces to the shelf and the back as shown, using countersunk head screws so that they will not protrude.

The last stage is to fasten the shelf to the base by means of two angle hinges, about four inches in length, and screw these in place as illustrated. Place the four telephone directories on the shelf in their alphabetical order. To remove one or more of these books, push the movable shelf back a little so that it raises on the hinges. After use, the shelf will fall back into place.

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