Silk Screen

Silk Screen – Your printing depends very largely on the screen so you must take the utmost care in making this important detail of the press.

Make the screen from organdy (organdie) or taffeta, from a piece measuring 28 in. by 20 in. so that the ends will extend about 2 in. over each side of the wooden frame.

Lay this material on the frame, with the weave parallel to the edge of the frame and drive a tack into the centre of one edge of the silk and hold taut.

Now tack along the edge, leaving a 1 ½ in. space from each corner.

Next tack the the opposite edge down, after pulling taut. Put in tacks about 1 in. apart and ½ in. from the outer edge so that there are no wrinkles or irregular lines.

Trim off the surplus silk with a razor blade. Brush a coating of gum over the tacks, it will make them secure and strengthen the silk.

Cover the tacks with about four layers of gummed tape, letting the strips go over to about ¼ in. all round the inside of the frame.

Brush a coating of varnish over the gummed tape and include ¼ in. of the screen as well, extending a ¼ in. over the inside of the frame.

The diagram shows you how to fasten the frame to your drawing board using ordinary hinges for the purpose, with countersunk screws.

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