Terrifying Skeleton Face Painting

Terrifying Skeleton Face Painting – If you want to scare your friends, then take your courage in both hands and paint this terrifying skeleton!

You need: black and white paint; a black pencil; brush; sponge; hair gel.
Skeleton Face Painting Kit
Skeleton Hair1 – Stick your hair back from your face with the gel and water to make it completely flat.
Skeleton Forehead2 – With the black pencil, outline the top of your forehead, then follow the contours of your face and outline your temples. Draw very thin cheeks and a square jaw.
Skeleton Eyes3 – Draw 2 rounded squares around your eyes and fill them in black. Over your nose draw a small black triangle with the point at the top.


Skeleton Mouth4 – For your mouth, draw black vertical lines over your lips to look like teeth, as shown in the picture.
Skeleton Shape5 – With the sponge or your fingers, paint outside your cheeks in black, to leave the skeleton shape. With your fingers or the sponge, color the rest of your face in white, avoiding all the shapes you’ve drawn in black.
Skeleton Cheek Bones6 – A finishing touch: Mix black and white to make grey, and use this in the middle of your forehead, under your cheekbones, under your mouth and in the middle of your chin


Skeleton Bones7 – The costume you wear should be black and white: for example, attach cardboard bones to a black jumper.
Skeleton with Face

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