PaintingPainting – The art of painting is, of course, very old, but the actual methods of decorating walls and woodwork have changed a little. It is essential for good painting that the paints are of the right thickness for use. Not too thin and certainly not too thick, well mixed so that there are no lumps or a scum on the top. Always mix your paints with a piece of clean stick, turning the mixture round and round until it is of a creamy texture and the same colour throughout. Use a little in a small tin, preferably with a wire handle. It is much easier to use and should you have an accident and be unfortunate in dropping the tin, there will be little waste. You can always add to the tin when it becomes low and you will find that the mixing is simpler.

Use broad brushes for large areas and small ones for the straight edges and decorative work. When doing large flat surfaces, paint these downwards, with good long strokes and work the excess colour into the next brush stroke. Try and hold the brush at an angle so that the paint will not run on your fingers. Use your wrists in a supple fashion and paint evenly without effort. Kneel down when necessary, it is so much better than getting into awkward attitudes and bending over.

Graining does look good and it is quite simple to do. Paint the flat colour and whilst this is still wet, use a dry brush and make the grain designs to imitate wood. Use paper for edges as illustrated and do not forget to lay paper on the floor when you commence operations. The best of painters cannot avoid those drips and blobs on the linoleum and carpet.

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