Sun Face Painting

Sun Face Painting – This is a complicated design. You must follow these steps carefully to create the sun’s rays over the sea.

You need: yellow, red and blue paints; a red and a black pencil; brush; sponge.
Sun Face Painting Kit
Sun Eyes1 – With the red pencil, draw a line under your eyes – the horizon between the sun and the sea. Draw a semicircle on your forehead, just touching this line.
Sun Rays2 – Still using the red pencil, draw the rays of the sun around this arc and under the line. Make the rays different sizes as shown in the picture.
Sun Semi-circle3 – Use the sponge and fill in the semi circle with yellow. Mix the red and yellow paints to create a shaded area inside the edge of this semi circle.


Sun Fill in Rays4 – Mix the yellow and red paints and, with the brush, fill in the rays of the sun. make the points deep red, and fill in the middle with yellow.
Sun Blue Eye5 – Paint the top of your forehead yellow, but avoid the sun’s rays.  Color the bottom of your face blue, but avoid your lips. Outline your lips in red, and fill them in with yellow.
Sun Powerful6 – To give some depth, outline the sun’s rays with the black pencil. You can almost feel the heat from such a powerful sun!


Sun Orange7 – Make a head-dress from cardboard in the shape of the sun’s rays, and perhaps a collar too. Paint them both bright orange.

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