Sarika Agrawal Embroidery Designs – 2016

Sarika Agrawal Embroidery Designs 2016

Mirror Work / Shisha work

Indian fabrics decorated with the small mirrors or shishas are a sight to behold. They are as dazzling, inexpensive, easy to stitch on to clothes, lightweight, glamorous – many many reasons as to why you should stitch these little shishas on to your clothes.

This work is getting to be a favorite in the fashion runways too with many designers like Manish Malhothra opting to embellish their creations with this absolutely gorgeous art.

In some parts of India, mirror work dominates the design but in others mirror is used to decorate specific parts of the design like the center of a flower.

Sarika Agrawal Embroidery Designs 2016

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