Sarika Agrawal Embroidery Designs - 2015

Sarika Agrawal Embroidery Designs 2015

Indian hand embroidery patterns and motifs – Ultimate designs you will love.

Phulkari: This embroidery belongs to the Punjab region and is a very important part of the trousseau of a Punjabi bride. It originated in the Jat community in Punjab. Phulkari literally means a garden of flowers.

Phulkari used to be done on homespun and home woven dyed khaadi material usually in rust colour and is done with untwisted silken thread Patt in magenta yellow green blue and saffron colors. The Silk threads used were hand dyed with vegetable dyes. But now it is done on cotton, silk and even on synthetic materials.

The three types of Phulkari embroidery are:

  • Bagh in which pattern covers the whole surface.
  • Chobe in which only the border in embroidered
  • Shashidar in which small mirrors are worked along with the embroidery.

Lavishly embroidered Phulkari garments are a must have part of bridal trousseau in Punjab.

Sarika Agrawal Embroidery Designs 2015

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