Robot – Face Makeup

Robot – Face Makeup – Pretend you’ve come from another galaxy. You’re an indestructible metal robot!

You need: black, white and blue paint; a black pencil; brush; sponge.
Robot Face Painting Kit
Robot Shape1 – Draw geometric shapes on your face with the black pencil:
– a big rectangle on your forehead just above your eyebrows;
– 2 smaller rectangles just above.
Robot Nose2 – Draw a circle around each eye and a rectangle down your nose.
Draw the shape shown on each cheek.
Draw 2 lines from your, nose, then outline your mouth.
Robot Jaw3 – Draw around your jaw as shown on the drawing. Mix your white and black paint to make grey.


Robot Color4 – Using the brush or your fingers, fill in these geometric shapes with the grey color.
Robot Like Metal5 – You can shade the panels with blue to make it look like reflections on the metal. Or perhaps you could color in some of the panels in blue and some in grey – it’s up to you!
Robot Panel6 – With the brush, go over the panel outlines in black. Along the inside edges of the panels, make small black dots – these are the panel rivets.


Robot Aluminium7 – Use aluminium foil or silver crepe paper to make a T-shirt.
Make T-shirt

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