Red Indian Chief Makeup

Red Indian Chief – Here we show you how to turn yourself into a brave American Indian warrior – complete with feathered head-dress and warpaint.

You need: red, blue, green, white and brown – which you get by mixing the green and red with your finger; a black, white and red pencil; brush; sponge.
Red Indian Chief Makeup Kit
Red Indian Chief Face1 – Mix the paints with your fingers to get a reddish-brown.
With your fingers or the sponge, cover your face completely with this color.
Wise Warrior2 – To look like a wise warrior, draw around your nose with a red pencil.
Then draw in 2 lines from your nose to your mouth.
Red Indian Chief Eyes3 – Blacken your eyebrows and make them point downwards.
To give you a warrior’s fierce glare, outline your eyes in black.


Red Indian Chief Nose4 – Now add your warpaint. With the brush and the white pencil, paint 2 blue lines down your nose, with a white line in the middle.
Red Indian Chief Cheek5 – Using the brush, paint a green horizontal line on each cheek. On each side of this green line, draw a line in red.
Under each eye draw a horizontal black line.
Red Indian Chief Radden Lips6 – Use the brush to paint a blue line on your chin. With the red pencil, draw a line either side of this blue line.
To add to your fierce look, lightly redden your lips, or shade them with brown.


Red Indian Chief Head Dress7 – To make the headdress you can either use real feathers or ones you have cut out from crepe paper – but use bright colors! Then glue them to a band of crepe paper.
Indian Chief

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