Rabbit – Face Make Up

Rabbit – Face Make Up – It takes quite a while to make yourself up as a rabbit, but the result is so sweet it’s certainly worth it!

You need: white, red, black and brown – which you get by mixing green and red with your finger; a black pencil; brush; sponge.
Rabbit Face Makeup Kit
Important: Before starting your make-up, you need to put on a scarf or hood to fix your rabbit ears to.
Rabbit Eyes1 – With the black pencil, draw ovals around your eyes, then a circle on each cheek. Join each circle to your top lip by a curved line as shown in the picture.
Rabbit Nose2 – Mix the white and red paint to make pink. With the brush or your finger, paint a little pink spot on the end of your nose.
Rabbit Teeth3 – Draw two big teeth on your bottom lip with the black pencil. Draw a small black triangle above your top lip.


Rabbit White Teeth4 – Using the brush, fill in the ovals around your eyes and your two teeth with the white paint.
Rabbit Cheek5 – Mix the black and white paints to make grey. With the brush, fill in between your eyes and the rabbit’s cheeks. With the sponge or your fingers, fill in the rest of your face in brown – but avoid your teeth and eyes!
Rabbit Forehead6 – To make your face look furry, draw small black lines on your forehead and nose with the brush and black paint. All you need now are whiskers. With the black pencil draw small dots on your cheeks, with horizontal lines coming from them.


Rabbit Eyelids7 – Close your eyes and draw a thick black line on your eyelids – now you have rabbit eyes! Make to ears from paper, and fix them to your scarf or hood. Make a carrot out of paper and everyone will think you’re a real rabbit!

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