Pirate Captain – Face Pack

Pirate Captain – Face Pack – Become a fierce pirate captain – no one will get in your way as you look for buried treasure!

You need: black paint and brown – which you make by mixing green and red with your fingers; a black and a red pencil; brush; sponge.
Pirate Captain Face Painting Kit
Captain Skin1 – To make your skin look tanned, paint on the brown color using the brush or your fingers.
Captain Face2 – Take a sponge with little holes and dips it in the black paint. Dab this over the bottom of your face, your chin and jaw, to give you a beard.
Captain Eyepatch3 – With the black paint and the brush paint a square over one eye – color it in black. Draw 2 lines on either side – now you have an eyepatch.


Captain Moustache4 – With the black pencil, draw a moustache as shown in the picture.
Captain Eyebrows5 – Draw in bristly black eyebrows, then shade under your eyes in brown to give you a harsh appearance.
Captain Cheek6 – Now draw a red vertical line on your left cheek to make a scar. So that it looks realistic, draw little horizontal lines along this to look like stitches.


Captain Dress7 – With a stripy blue and white T-shirt, a scarf around your head and an earring, your disguise is complete!
Pirate Captain

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