Making Shapes on Face

Making Shapes on Face – To create a harlequin effect, paint lots of different shapes on your face, and use all your colors to fill them in.

You need: all the colored paints; black pencil; brush; sponge.
Shape Face Painting Kit
shape_right_eyebrow 1 – With your black pencil, begin by drawing a square above your right eyebrow, a triangle above your left eyebrow and a circle in the middle.
shape_righteye2 – Draw a rectangle on your right eye, and a circle on your left. On your nose draw a triangle with the point at the top.
shape_cheek 3 – Draw a triangle on each cheek with the point at the bottom. Draw a big circle around your mouth.


shape_face 4 – Take the white paint and, using the sponge or your fingers, color in your face all around these shapes.
shape_forehead 5 – Take your brush, and color in the square on your forehead in red, the circle in yellow and the triangle in green. Color the rectangle on your eye in blue, the circle in red and the triangle on your nose in blue.
shape_mouth 6 – Finish off by painting the triangle on your cheeks in yellow and green, and the circle around your mouth in red. To give more depth to your face, outline your eyes with black pencil.


shape_add_colors 7 – Add to your design by wearing brightly colored clothes with geometric patterns or shapes – for example, a square hat or a triangular collar.

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