PeriscopePeriscope – The periscope is always most for watching parade and shows that abound in this country. Sometimes it is not possible to see everything to the best advantage because there are too many tall people in front of you, or there is a wall to obstruct your view. These obstacles can be easily overcome by using the periscope. It is so easy to make and does cost very little.

The basis of the periscope is corrugated board, cut into the shapes shown in the diagram and gummed together, with two pieces of mirror to give the view based on the scientific principle of reflections. Let us construct a periscope so that it can be used for the next show.

Cut out pieces of the corrugated board for the two sides, the front and the back. The measurements are clearly marked on the diagram and it will be a simple matter following these and cutting the board with your scissors or sharp knife. Before assembling the periscope, you must paint the inside a dull black, and place two pieces of mirror as indicated by the dotted lines in the illustration. Make quite sure that the slope is correct and that the model will work before you finally assemble the periscope and gum it down. Both the mirrors should be oblong and measure approximately 6 in. across by about 5 in. deep. The front and sides of the periscope should be made to take the mirror’s size, so if the shape differs slightly, make your front and sides accordingly.

When you have cut out the front, sides and back, insert the mirrors as shown and gum these securely into position. Lay strips of gummed tape all round the joins of the corrugated board and make this lightproof and tight, sealing all edges very firmly. Cut the headrest as shown in the diagram , so that it will fit snugly against the face and let in little or no light. It is a good idea to paint the outside of the periscope with enamel paints. A candy striped pattern is very effective and can be easily put on. It is advisable to varnish this afterwards and this will add to the appearance and finish.

The periscope is used by pointing the top at the object you wish to see and looking through the lower window. The reflection will be there in full colour and perfectly shown.

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