Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual CalendarPerpetual Calendar – Everyone forgets the date at some time or other and a calendar, particularly the perpetual type, is always a useful asset to the mantelpiece in your room. Make the essential front of the calendar from a piece of white cardboard or wood (three-ply) measuring 6 in. high by 4 in. wide. Find a nice picture of a jolly tar or a soldier or anyone in uniform and cut this out in silhouetee form and paste it to the centre of the panel.

This window is to show the date which can be changed daily. The method of altering the date is by means of a circular white card attached to the back of the panel, as shown in the diagram. This circle has the figures I to 3I marked on, in blank ink, all round the edges. It is affixed to the panel with a rivet or clip and is moved by hand each day.

The front of this panel is now practically finished and only needs colourings with your poster or water colours to give it an attractive effect. After you have painted the figure and outlined this with a bold black line of about 1/16 in. thick, varnish all over the surface to give it a glossy appearance. Gum one of these little calendar blocks, not more than 4 in. wide, below the date window.

For the base of this calendar, cut a piece of hard wood about 5 in. long, 2 in. wide and I in. deep. Saw a slot of sufficient width to take the thickness of the panel calendar. Cut this slot ½ in. deep so that the calendar will fit in snugly and enable it to stand up perfectly rigid.

Sandpaper the wooden base and paint this in a suitable colour, to harmonise with the colouring of the calendar. This is now ready for placing on your mantelpiece and you need never be uncertain of the date.

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