Pencil Shavings Fish: Step By Step

Pencil Shavings Fish: Step By Step

Pencil Shavings Fish: Pencil Shavings are a Fun way to doodle and decorate during craft time! As you can see, using different colored pencils can give you a different border or edge on whatever your using your pencils shavings to decorate!

Pencil Shavings Fish

Items required:

  • Orange fluorescent
  • White card sheet
  • Pencil
  • Pencil shavings
  • Scissors
  • Matchsticks
  • Adhesive
  • Black sketch pen
  • Red sketch pen
Pencil Shavings Fish Step - 1Draw the outline of a fish on the orange fluorescent paper.
Pencil Shavings Fish Step - 2Cut the shape. Take few matchsticks, apply adhesive and stick on the tail and fins as shown here.
Pencil Shavings Fish Step - 3Take some pencil shavings and break them into pieces of uniform size.


Pencil Shavings Fish Step - 4Apply adhesive on the pieces and paste them in a pattern on the body of the fish as shown here.
Pencil Shavings Fish Step - 5Draw the fish eye with a black pen and the mouth with a red pen. Your fish is ready.
Pencil Shavings Fish Step - 6To make a scene of river. Paste this fish on a card sheet.

Pencil Shavings FishTake some colored papers. Cut these papers to make water waves and under water plants. Paste all these cuttings on the card sheet as shown here.

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