Model Theatre Scenery

Model Theatre SceneryModel Theatre Scenery – One of the most essential features of a model theatre is, of course, the scenery. This will make the appearance and form a background and frame for the players and also add very considerably to the entertainment of your audiences.

Make all the scenery from white cardboard, not too thick, with the design painted on the surface in poster colours. These colours have a matt surface and are most suitable for theatrical work. Shiny or glossy scenery will reflect the light whereas the flat surfaced paints give a true picture to the audience.

The scenery includes the picture at the back (this is called the “back drop”), the side pieces, top pieces and, in the case of room scenes, the diagonal pieces for the side walls.

You will notice in the diagrams that some of these typical scenes are drawn to help you. You can base your designs on these and make them to fit your individual stage.

The back drop is simple to make for this consists of a rectangle that fits the back of the stage and can be easily erected by pushing through the sides of the stage and pinning into position on the back, with tiny drawing pins in the four corners.

The side pieces are made by first drawing the outline of the trees, bushes or the suitable object, and then cutting this round with scissors. The side pieces are made to stand upright by the two tags on the base, as shown in the illustration. The thicker the card, so the more rigid will be the scenery for these side pieces.

They are threaded through the side entrances to the stage and pinned into position. Do not make the side pieces higher than the entrance, for they must not be bent to push through.

These side pieces, as well as the back drop, should now be painted with the poster colours, using these as boldly as possible, with a very broad treatment. Do not put any fine detailed work in your painting for it will tend to take the interest from the players.

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