Making The Case

Making The CaseMaking The Case – The next step is to make a cover for the bindings. Take a look at the diagrams and cut two pieces of thick cardboard, about ¼ in. longer than the page and about the same width, B.

Now lay both boards on old newspapers and cut a piece of cloth material for the hinge. Make the length so that it overlaps the boards by I in. each end, C. Cut a piece of strong as shown in diagram B to use as backing for the book, leaving about 1/8 in. space as shown.

Gum the cloth all over and lay the two boards and paper backing in position-see diagram B. Press down to secure and turn the ends of the cloth over as seen in diagram C. Next cut a piece of suitable covering material so that it overlaps about ¾ in. all around- see D. Gum the material on to the covers and turn over the edges on the inside, as illustrated. Press quite flat and get rid of any creases by rubbing the surface well. Diagram E will show you the appearance of your completed binding.

All you have to do now is to fit the pages into the binding. The illustration shows you how to paste the end pages into the cover. It is a good tip to slip a piece of paper between the top and bottom pages as shown, it saves paste getting on to these. Shut your book up and press it and leave to dry out. The more pages you have in your book, so the wider you must make the back.

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