Model Shoveha Penny Board

Model Shoveha Penny BoardModel Shoveha Penny Board – This is a game that has been in vogue for a great number of years and is usually played in the country inn. It is a most fascinating game and can be played by any number of players. Let us make a shoveha’s penny board so that it can be used at your next party.

You will need a piece of 1 in. thick wood, about 9 in. wide and I8 in. long. Try and find a piece of very smooth board, that is of a hard texture. Cut this round at the top as shown, and thoroughly sandpaper the outside edges until they are quite smooth.

The next step is to mark out in pencil the lines shown in the diagram. Starting from the bottom, draw the first line at 3 in. from the edge, then mark nine further spaces at I 1/8 in. intervals. These lines should be ruled horizontally, as in the diagram, and meet two vertical lines, ruled I in. from each edge. The sidelines should now run into the curved shaped line following the upper edge of the board.

Now cut these lines with a very sharp penknife so that the slits are quite definite and easily seen. The top surface of the board has now to be highly polished so that the coins will slide easily along to the top. This can be done by well sandpapering the face and giving the surface a good polish with furniture cream.

Your board is now ready for playing and this is how the game is conducted. Each player can use five 2p pieces and the first is placed on the edge of the base line of the board. Knock this up the board gently, using the ball of the thumb to propel the 2p. Piece.

The idea is to get the 2p. Piece to rest in one of the beds, i.e, between the horizontal lines, seeing that the edge does not touch or overlap the lines. Shove your next coin in a similar manner, so that it does not knock the first 2p. Piece out of the bed. Those coins that go over the top horizontal line are out of play. Supposing you get three coins in three beds, as illustrated.

The winner of the game is the player who puts in three 2p. Pieces in each bed, filling the whole board. Should a player already have three coins in one bed and shoves another one in this filled bed, it is forfeited to the opponent, who chalks this on to the score on his side.

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