Owl Face Make Up

Owl Face Make up – The owl is a night bird with big round eyes. This outfit will certainly surprise your friends!

You need: white, blue and yellow paint; a white and a black pencil; glitter; brush; sponge.
Owl Face Painting Kit
owl_eyes1 – With the black pencil, draw 2 big circles around your eyes like glasses. Fill these in with yellow paint. Outline your own eyes with the black pencil.
owl_nose2 – Draw black lines on the yellow base all around your eyes. On your nose, paint a beak with the black pencil – as in the picture.
owl_forehead3 – Draw a line of white in the middle of this beak. Using the black pencil draw different-sized feathers all over your forehead.


owl_cheekbone4 – Draw feathers underneath your eyes following the line of your cheekbone.
owl_lips5 – Use the brush to fill in the feathers on your cheeks and forehead in blue. Dab some spots of white paint in the middle of these feathers to give some depth. Paint your lips blue too.
owl_hair6 – Stick some glitter on your big yellow eyes. To make you look like you have feathers, spray lacquer in your hair, and scrunch it until it sticks up.


owl_clothes7 – As a finishing touch, wear something blue or violet. Put some real feathers in your hair and on your clothes.

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